We want a future where one's zip code should not determine their lifespan, one’s gender or gender identity does not limit professional growth, where the color of one's skin does not determine how they are treated and where access to opportunities is open to ALL.  

11am-3pm EST

March 19, 2021

Virtual Event

Virtual Experience 

This event will reimagine elements that make an in-person event special for an online space. From smaller group discussions, virtual networking and even Meet the Speaker events, this event is one to create memories and build new relationships as you hear about Ideas Worth Spreading. 

We look forward to bringing you thinkers and doers from all across the globe to your screens in 2021.









Stay tuned for new presenters to be shared weekly! 



Reserve your spot for TEDxCollgePark!  This is a FREE event and donations are welcome to help offset the costs of web development and hosting, live streaming fees, virtual platform fees, marketing and advertising, and video production. This is a 100% volunteer operation, and no one takes a salary.

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