Danny Bittman

Spatial Artist

Dreaming in Virtual Reality

Danny Bittman, a virtual reality artist, film maker, and developer creating the fastest workflow to translate the human imagination into digital information. Using VR creation tools like Tilt Brush and Blocks, I have created immersive designs for Marvel, Google, Hyundai, Nvidia, and more.

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Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn

FCC Commissioner

Why I Fight To Close The Digital Divide?

Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn is currently serving her second term at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Following her appointment, Clyburn also served as first Acting Chairwoman of the FCC. Commissioner Clyburn has been committed to closing the “digital divide.” Specifically, she has lead the developments for Lifeline Modernization, which assists low income consumers defray the cost of broadband service, championed for diversity of media ownership, initiated Inmate Calling Services reforms, and fought to preserve a free and open internet.

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Cassandra Crifasi

Gun Policy Researcher

The Surprising Facts a Gun Owner Discovered Through Her Research

Dr. Crifasi is an Assistant Professor and Researcher at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy & Research while also being a long-time gun owner. She has published a multitude of peer-reviewed papers in top journals and her work has been featured in major outlets including the Washington Post, US News & World Report, NPR, and the Baltimore Sun.

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Shelby Dziwulski

Aerospace Engineer

What Happens When The Majority Becomes A Minority?

Shelby grew up in the comfort of the Baltimore suburbs and is a proud University of Maryland alumna. Her unique career story, where she went from being a majority to being among ‘the only’, will reshape your thinking about the impact of unequal opportunities on our daily lives.

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Timnit Gebru

A. I. Researcher

How Can We Stop Artificial Intelligence From Marginalizing Communities?

Timnit works at Microsoft, New York in the Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics (FATE) Group where her team works on the complex social implications of AI, machine learning, data science, large-scale experimentation, and increasing automation. She previously worked at Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab where she received her PhD, and is Co-Founder of Black in AI, an organization that aims to foster collaborations and discuss initiatives to increase the presence of Black people in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq.

Trial Attorney

What To Do When You See Something That's Wrong?

J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq. "The Warrior Lawyer®!" was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland where he has been a resident all of his life. Mr. Gordon attended Friendly H.S. in Fort Washington, Maryland and graduated from H.D. Woodson H.S. in Washington, D.C. in 1987. Mr. Gordon is a respected trial attorney who represents individuals and small businesses in litigation matters throughout the State of Maryland and D.C. federal courts.

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Leslie Herod

Colorado Legislator

Why I Supported Providing Tampons To Every Female Inmate?

Representative Leslie is the first African-American, LGBT candidate elected to the state legislature while capturing the highest votes for any candidate in a contested race. In a lifetime of repeatedly breaking the mold, she reveals how her personal story drives her to advocate for criminal justice reform and be a voice for those unheard in our society.

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Christophe Jelinski

Master Magician

Why Do We Get Misdirected So Easily And How To Avoid It?

Christophe is a mentalist, actor, speaker, and DC’s “2018 Magician of the Year” along with being the host of the “Magic Mind” podcast. In his eye-opening talk, he reveals how a simple misdirection makes us overlook things right in front of us and how we can cut through the ‘noise’ to make every moment count.

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Edward J. Krafcik

Landscape Architect

How Can Smart Parks Help Get More People Outside?

Edward Krafcik is an urban designer and landscape architect who currently leads City Partnerships and Urban Design at Soofa, an MIT Media Lab start-up working with Prince George's County, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia etc. His vision is to implement surprising yet simple technologies to design smart parks and public spaces for diverse communities. 

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Chris Lai

Virtual Gaming Pioneer

How Can We Use Virtual Reality and eSports to Combat Childhood Obesity? 

Chris is the Founder and CEO of MassVR, a virtual reality company that converges at the intersection of eSports and real sports. As a father of three young boys, he is passionate about combating childhood obesity through his pathbreaking work in creating an immersive and physically active gaming experience.

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Nico Larco

Sustainable Urbanist

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Transform Our Cities?

Nico is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at University of Oregon and Director of the Urbanism Next Research Initiative. He pulls back the curtain to preview how autonomous vehicles will shape the future planning of our parks, cities and life as we know it. 

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Peter Ouko

Human Rights Champion

Crime and Social Enterprise: The New Frontier

Peter is Founder and CEO of Crime Si Poa which means crime is not cool based in Nairobi, Kenya. In his deeply personal story of suffering and forgiveness, Peter shares how social enterprise can help reduce crime and extremism while giving hope and second chances to offenders worldwide.

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Maggie Mejia & Daniela Orozco-Jimenez

Student Inventors

How An All-Girls Engineering Team Addressed Homelessness?

Maggie & Daniela are inventors, STEM advocates and college students studying at Life Pacific College and Stanford University respectively. They are passionate about empowering teenagers to reach the impossible. In high school, as part of an all-girls engineering team, they helped invent a solution to address homelessness in their community and bring dignity to displaced people globally.

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Tony Weaver Jr.

Media Stereotype Buster

Why The World Needs Super Heroes Who Look Different?

Tony Weaver Jr. is the Founder of Weird Enough Productions, a media company focused on combating stereotypes. He is the recipient of the Echoing Green Fellowship, Camelback Ventures Fellowship and was awarded Forbes 30 under 30 for his pathbreaking work envisioning and creating superheroes who reflect the real world.

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